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Night At The Museum 2 Full Movie In Hindi Hd Download




Daley knows they're connected to an ancient legacy that's been missing for a thousand years. Now he must keep the covert museum employees safe while he tries to follow the treasure trail. The Haunts of Apollo Following a request from Professor Lois Simonelli, Larry is assigned to escort three museum workers to the archives in the basement. While waiting for the elevator Larry discovers a talking mummy that reveals the existence of an ancient treasure that has been hidden for over a thousand years. The Mummy Files A new group of artifacts are discovered in the home of the former curator of the museum, Professor Laurence Guittard, who has been missing for two years. The artifacts are clearly associated with the legend of the Mummy. They include a gold box, medallion, and a key to a museum containing the mummy and a portrait of a man, clearly resembling Professor Guittard. Treasure of the Iscariots Professor Guittard's new discoveries led him to claim the role of Grand Master of the Masonic Order. The Masons have a long-standing tradition of treasure hunting and Guittard believes he has found proof that the treasure of the Mummy and his associates, the Iscariots, could be discovered if he can locate the chest and make a magical device from the contents. But his adversaries, the Jesuits, plan to destroy the chest before he can claim it. Recovery of the Mummy Larry Daley and his friends find themselves in a heated battle with the Jesuits as they try to recover the treasure of the Mummy. Stuck with the Professor Larry is appointed Grand Chief of a newly formed order of knights, the Knights Templar, and as such he is ordered to recover the hidden treasure of the Iscariots and to destroy the Jesuits. The Skeleton Key Larry Daley, a member of the Knights Templar is given a magical key to a secret vault containing the treasure of the Iscariots. The key requires a special ring, which only one of the four surviving Knights has. The Jesuits, led by Captain Claude Grave, know this, but the lock requires four keys in order to open. The Knights Templar must now use the other keys to get the ring and the treasure. Unstolen Objects The thief who stole the treasure of the Mummy and the Iscariots is loose, but he has disappeared with a beautiful blue-eyed




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Night At The Museum 2 Full Movie In Hindi Hd Download

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